Chicken Feed

This week the chickens graduated to the big bird food.  I have lots of the chick food left if anyone needs it. 

On  Tuesday when I got home the chickens mobbed me.  Squawking and telling me all kinds of hungry stories.  When I checked on the food in their coop the bin was empty.  Poor little birds were starving.

I bet one or more of the culprits is small and furry.

Her                       007

or her                 008

or possibly him 005

My bet is on the middle one as she has an allergy to corn and bites at her paws to stop the itching and guess what?   That is all she has done this week.

Why do the dogs always want to eat other animals food?  Does it taste better?  Smell better? or is it just the matter of grass errr food is greener on the other side of the fence?

Poor chickens.

004As you can tell they do not eat the dogs food.  Nope.

The chickens have run of the yard all day so the dogs have run of the coop all day.  Darn those small furry creatures.  Any ideas on how to keep the dogs out of the chicken food?

Do you have chickens?  Do they graze or stay in a coop?


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