Drive Time Entertainment

Do you drive long distances?  Spend lots of time alone and need some silence filler?  Walk or run?  Get tired of the same songs on repeat?  My answers are yes, yes, yes and yes.

I have been driving for 10 years next month.  10 YEARS!  wow.  Where has the time gone? Easily distracted?  yes sometimes.

Back to my entertainment….  I started with the radio, you know old faithful.  Too many commercials.  I was amazed at how many commercials appear in an hour.  I tried talk radio on AM and same problems  commercials.  Enter Sirius xm.  This frugal girl got tired of giving out my money.  Bye Bye Sirius.

Enter iTunes, with their varied free, did I mention free, podcasts.  I go through phases with my podcasts here are some of my current favorites.  Hopefully I can get show you a new podcast that will keep you entertained Smile.

Adam Carolla, yes the same man from The Man Show.  He is seriously funny and very sarcastic.  Adam has many podcasts under his banner.  Remember Love Line with Dr Drew?  They have reunited for a podcast. 

Christopher Titus, another comedian and very funny.

Joe Rogan, comedian, see a theme?  Be prepared for some long podcasts, his can run over 2 hours.  Joe can make you think but, beware it is not safe for kids.

My entertainment would not be complete without some World of Warcraft podcasts

Tauren Think Tank this is an advice podcast with great intellectual guests.

The Instance my first and longest running podcast.  The host Scot Johnson has many and varied podcasts as well as The Morning Stream.

Convert to Raid great podcast about raiding in the World of Warcraft.  The hosts are very funny and very information on boss strategies.

While I listen to these on iTunes there are many platforms that support podcasts.

Stitcher is a great way to find new podcasts and you can stream from your computer.

Do you have any podcast recommendations?


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