Convenience vs. Health

Today there will be no pictures.  Such a  sin in the blogging world. 

There will be some deep thought.

Some introspection. So let’s go!


Do you ever stand in a grocery store and wonder about the convenience that used to be in your life?  I do. 

Do you ever think “what could it hurt?”   I do.

Do you ever justify that creamer, gum, or green chili purchase?  I do.


While at the grocery store I realized there are times I miss the convenience of grab and go.  While reading labels, yep I am that woman, I wonder why the name brand has more chemicals than the off brand.  Do you ever wonder about that?  Does the name brand make more and therefore need more chemicals?  Are they helping us stay healthier?  Nope.  Am I healthier because I read lables?  Maybe.

There is a saying that ignorance is bliss.  It can also fill you full of chemicals.  I am saying NO to all the chemicals put in my food.

I think about convenience most especially when I need to make toothpaste, lotion, moisturizer, cleaning supplies, and dinner.

I know if I just planned a little better and shopped a little better that my convenience food would be easy and quicker than take-out.  I am trying.  I say if I and what I should say is my life is full.  I work a 40 hour week, drive 10 hours a week, try to workout for 5 hours. The drive and workout equal a part-time job.

I am not complaining just stating where all my hours go.  Some days when I get home I just want to sit.  Today unfortunately I need to make toothpaste, shred cheese and cook dinner all before I sit.

My goal for this summer is to plan better and make my own convenience food. Maybe that better planning will involve spreading out the making of products so that all do not come due at the same time.

Do you have this issue?  How do you solve it? 


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