Catch Up

I had started this post a couple of times, upon reflection all it said  was…………  blah, blah blah So Mad Sad smile

I figured it is a beautiful Sunday and deserves something better, don’t you agree?

So how about a little catch up on my projects?

The worms……… I am sorry to say that they are not doing so hot.  Or maybe they are too hot.  Some mold, then not enough moisture.  I should not have been cheap frugal in purchasing the bins.  I should have gone with three, it might have required some effort from the hubs.  Hindsight.  They will be a work in progress.



Don’t they look happy and healthy?  They are growing like, well like chickens.  They love exploring the part of the yard by the garden tractor.  They roost on it, so funny.  They eat some table scraps but, don’t appear to like bananas, this I find strange.  Should the banana peels then go to the worms?

Garden….  it has been a typical Colorado spring.  70 degrees one day snowing the next, really it snowed here on Tuesday, but not at my job about 50 miles away.  That was a weird day.

002  I have cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs growing inside.  The pepper seeds that the son gave me have not done anything.  Anyone know why?  Are they just stubborn?

The son and I planted some onion and garlic last weekend, before the snow, we did provide much ground cover with all the extra straw the hubs bought for the birds. He purchased three bales, those bales are almost bigger than their house.  It should be a coop but, it is little so house it is.

Anywhoo   that is what is happening here.

How is your spring going?


2 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. Valarie says:

    The peppers take a lot longer than everything else, so don’t give up. Also, they have to be warm at night to germinate. I have a heating pad for reptiles that you can put under them to boost night temps if you need. I’ll send it your way.

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