Spring is here.  The weather is getting better or at least more consistent.  Great things happen in the spring, garden planting, pool set up, and chickens.  Yes chickens!

I finally talked the hubs into letting me have some, ok 4, chickens. 

chickens1 They arrived in the house on 3/8/13.

chickens2 Here they are a week ago.  My look how big they are.

chickens 3Yesterday, out in the dirt.

chickens4 Taking a dirt bath.  This went on for about 5 –10 mins.  Must have felt the need to get the stink of people off of her.

coop This is the coop they will be going into today.

I am amazed at how fast these girls grow. 

The dogs are getting used to the chickens  There is still some ruckus, and then there is Chief, he has decided to be their protector.  Funny dog.

All I can think of some fresh eggs right out my back door.  hopefully there is not a rooster in my hen house.

Do you have chickens?  Any problems with family pets?


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