Do you read?

Well?  Do you?  Do you like new authors, or finding new authors? Have I got the place for you.  The hubs found this website before Christmas. 

Story Bundle, you should check them out.  I just purchased the most recent set of books.  I find new authors I love and new genres of books to enjoy. 

You can pay what you want, designate how much goes to the authors as well as donate to a charity or not. 

Story bundle is not giving me any recommendation for my review.  I feel more people should take advantage of their deals. 

These deals are only available for a limited time.   They also have a sister site that deals in video games.  Shocking that I know that huh?

Humble Bundle is the sister site or maybe more accurately it is the mother site, it did appear on the scene first.

Check out both website if you are interested in a good deal on new reads or games.  Check back often as their offering changes.

For now I am off to read……………So many options.


Well do you?


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