Redneck Purchases

This post may result in anger, you have been warned!


Yesterday we went to the larger city and went shopping. After a long day of shopping my little dog was tired.

guns and dogsYes that is Little Man and my Ruger.

Gun control is a sensitive issue this I understand.  I feel that I need to protect myself and my family.

I have my hunter’s safety card, have hunted deer,and own rifles. I plan to shot frequently with my pistol and take the Colorado Concealed to carry class and do what is required to carry my pistol.

This was my gun of choice.  After holding and researching many different ones this is the baby I chose.  The longest part was the background check.  I was number 7 in line at about noon.  The background check took approximately 2 hours.  This allowed us to do more shopping and eat lunch.

chickensThese adorable creatures need a permanent home.  They currently reside in a dog kennel loaned to my from my SIL. 

Yes I talked the hubs into chickens.  Took a year!  I only have 4, the hubs named them.  We have Amy, she is always the good one whichever one that is behaving is Amy, Albino and Drake must travel as a pair, and last is fucktard.  Yep  had to use that one, it is for the misbehaving bird, or all of them if that is the case.

We purchased a little home from Murdocks.  It must be assembled, more pictures will follow.

Lunch was Red Lobster.  Love me some shrimp!

My title was appropriate for these purchases  a gun and a chicken coop.   How much more redneck can you get?

Do you carry a weapon? Do you have chickens?  Do you name them?


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