The Worms

The worms live!  

They did not arrive on Friday like I was hoping, their home was ready though.

On Saturday the mail lady delivered my worms.  Of course the son and his girlfriend were here at the time.  Whenever something strange is going on at my house expect the girlfriend to show up.  That girl must think we I am the weirdest parent. 

Worms, dogs, gardens, oh and we talk about guns.  This is a strange house but, I love it.


Last year when I was first looking at worms I became that frugal girl again and said no.  I just can’t spend the kind of money on worm bins that those website are selling them for.

Then this year I find a blog The sustainable couple.  She was making worm bins out of Rubbermaid.  Lighbulb time.  Off to the dreaded Wal Mart I go to buy a Rubbermaid.

The lovely worms require ventilation and food hence the holes in the lid and the sides of the Rubbermaid tub, just at the top. 

For the food part it is just torn newspaper and leaves from the yard.  The leaves have sat in a pile for a bit so they are composting themselves.  All that lovely food went in the bin for the worms.

All kinds of items can be eaten by worms, coffee grounds, tea bags without the staple, paper, cardboard, veggie scraps. 

I will be able to eliminate some landfill waste this way and help to keep my garden green and healthy.

do you vermicomposting?  That is big words for raise worms.


4 thoughts on “The Worms

  1. My son and I loved the worm bin (it was his science fair project to build one and research it and the worms although he spent more time on his powerpoint presentation of him drilling holes in the bin that he played on his laptop – ah, geeky kids) – unfortunately, so did fruit flies, and they took over last August. I’m going to try again this summer, because it really was fun to watch the worms doing their thing, far faster than just compost in a box!

      • The worm bin won’t smell bad unless you overload it. The fruit flies came because my city-boy husband decided the worms needed to be outside – then they took over 😦 Trying new things is great. Your worms will be awesome!

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