It all started with the snow…….err no actually it started a few months ago with the washer  I am just tired of driving in the snow and will blame it for everything. 

Clothes were still soaking wet and the washer had started to pee.  It was just a little at first.  Yesterday the towel in front of the washer was soaked, yes the towel was there because the washer continued to pee and would not stop.  The hubs ran just water and killed it.  No serious, after working on it for a while and trying another load of just water the laundry room was flooded.  Dead washer.

This lead to the decision that I would drive the truck tomorrow to  pick up a used one from the Habitat for Humanity resale store.  I also had to pick up the boys from their job as well, bonus someone to ride with.

Then upon waking I saw the snow……  we were to get a dusting huh? Surprise!  It was black ice and some snow pack, of course I had to get gas  and then drive slow and careful so of course I was late to work.  However, I made it alive and in one piece which is always the goal.

A few hours later the hubs calls to say the car(which I drive most days) just had a run in with a curb.  It is vibrating and lots of play in the steering wheel, the good news is he avoided the car slipping and sliding in front of him.

What a day!

The car is in the shop getting it’s tie rod replaced, so far that is all, we will know more tomorrow.  . 

I called all over my town to find a used washer, the answer was always the same, nope, nope and nope.  What!  Even the appliance stores did not have any I would want.  This lead to a decision to buy new. 

This frugal girl got last years model at a discount.  We brought it home right away this required all kinds of paperwork.  Why?  no idea except then they could not charge for delivery, my guess. 

I also had to purchase new hot and cold water lines because if I hooked up my old ones it would void all warranties, the manufacturer’s and the year one.  WTH?!?!  Are they serious?  To keep my warranties I had to pay and extra $15.00, does that sound like a scam to you?  How do you fight that one?

At the end of the day we all made it home safe and sound and the new washer is currently earning it’s keep.

What a day.  Oh and more snow is expected tonight, like 2 – 4 more inches.  The truck and I should have fun tomorrow.

How are your appliances?  Any crazy replacements?



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