Good Morning

Not lots happened this week. 

The boys were out of town for a few days.  Makes the house quiet.

While the hubs was away this girl raided  anyway.  My raid team  PBR took down a new boss! Congrats guys on taking down Imperial Vizier Zor’lok.  What a name.  Who decided that one?


This is from our guilds website.  Thanks Pug for a great Pic!

Otherwise the week involved some exercise, some whining from last weekends exercise and work, snow, work, snow. 

I did get my hair cut this week and I hate it!!  No really, I hate it.  My answer is always… is hair it will grow.  Ugg!  This is the second time I have not liked my cut from this stylist.  She is a friend though so what to do?  Any ideas?

Have a great Sunday, I am going to go mess with my hair and see if I can accept it.

Congratulations to team PBR!

Do you ever hate your haircut?  What do you do?



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