Where did Sunday go?

As I was driving into work yesterday, in the snow, I was thinking about my blog and thought !!holy s*(t I did not write yesterday.  What happened to Sunday?  Where did it go?  No idea.  Woke up, went to work out came back home and then…………………….  Now it is Tuesday and I have no motivation.  I am out today due to lack of patients.  I am not going to complain, nope I needed to sleep in and cuddle with the dogs.  I just do not have the motivation to exercise.  That damn endometriosis is probably to blame.  Killer cramps make me just want to cuddle with a heating pad and curl up on the couch. 


Maybe tomorrow I will feel like this again.  For today it is off to my couch and my dogs. 

Have a great Tuesday!

How do you deal with days like this?


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