I have been playing my Monk for a couple of months now and realized I am not a monk healer. I am not a monk player. They belong melee and I belong at range.

Don’t worry faithful readers you can skip this post and come back on Sunday if video game talk makes your eyes cross.

Melee players like to stand at or near the bosses butt. I like to have a wider view of fights than that, no I just suck at always standing at the butt. My tanks yell at me to get out of the front of the dragon all the time. That does lead to a dead monk.

Since I only have 2 level 90 toons this leaves me with little options on toon choice. Turmoil welcome back from retirement!

I have been running LFR this week trying to gear her up. I have been having fun and doing about the same amount of healing as on the monk.

Maybe I just needed a Turmi break, I have been playing her for most of my WOW career.

When I am playing a character I really enjoy I look forward to raiding and logging in. With the monk I was dreading all of it.

Do you change mains frequently? Do you feel it is wrong after gearing up one to change?

Have a great hump day!



2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I’ve had one main for the whole time I’ve played WoW (currently not really loving Pandaria…), my little gnome warlock. She has been fun to play every step of the way! I have tried other classes, and quite like shaman healing, but my lock kept being far too much fun to give her up. Now if WoW became more fun and less of a constant grind, that would make me want to log in again…

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