Gym Time

I live in a small town without any real exercise facilities, at least until recently.  There has always been the rec center, however; the weight room is small, open swim time during the week is actually reserved for the high school swim team, really?  That is not open swim time.  Who’s idea was that?  They have a huge cardio area and lost of classes that occur usually while I am driving. 

Last March a Cross fit type gym opened near me but, those prices make this frugal girl cry.  Then about a month ago I saw an advertisement for a gym in my town and in my disbelief that this would happen started calling the number.  Look what happened.

Anytime Fitness opened in my small town on Friday at 10 am.  :Happy Dance:  I of course went to check them out and debated about 1 week on the monthly fee.  I decided my workouts at home just were not cutting it.  Look at all those distractions! Laundry, dogs, dirty floors, dogs, computer, did I mention dogs? 

I bite the bullet and signed up for 2 years, because of signing up before the club opened I became a “founding member” this means that supposedly my dues never go up.  That is a big bonus to this frugal girl.

I did not go on Friday, I have, however; been the last two mornings.  It is only abut 1 mile from my house so this summer I can ride my bike down there and still get a good cardio workout coming home because the only way to get to my house is lots of hills.

anytime fitness

Isn’t it beautiful?  After living in this gymless town for 10 years to finally have a gym is incredible.

Thank you Anytime Fitness for allowing me to be a gym rat again.  Oh how I have missed you.

Do you workout at home or at a gym?


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