Have you tried it?  We recently bought, meaning it arrived Friday from Amazon, a juicer.  What prompted this purchase?  Another documentary.  Those darn things have changed my life.  Hungry for Change is a documentary not to be missed, unless you refuse to consume vegetables in any form.

Juice Fountain CompactThis is the juicer that arrived on Friday.

Breville this link will take you to the amazon page.  The hubs and I have tried a few juices, however; the ones I have made have not been extremely delicious.  I believe I need more fruit and maybe less beets.  Yesterday did involve beets, carrots, parsley( I hear it is really good for you), and one small apple.  Sounds yummy right?  umm not so much. 

Did you know if you have low acid in your stomach that your urine will turn pink or red after eating a beet?  Well guess what?  I have low acid, shocking I know.  Not quite as shocking as the look on my face upon noticing the strange color of my urine this am.  Quite a sight I tell you.

I believe there are ways to fix the low acid issue in my stomach, guess I need to go research those huh?

I will continue to try different versions of juices, with more fruit, and report back on flavor.

Do you juice?  Do you watch documentaries?  Do they change your life?


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