IPad Game

I have been on a search for a great IPad game.  This week I heard about Book of Heroes by Venan.   Follow the link to download  the game.  This is a free to play game with in app purchases.

This is a turn based MMO.  I am a sucker for MMO’s.  They are my genre of choice.  This game lets me join guilds as well as raid with others to take down a boss. 

This game does not make you move traditionally, instead it is map to map and click on an area to start fighting. 


iPhone Screenshot 5

The game requires you to have a currency to start a fight, these are lighting bolts.  You regen them over time or you can purchase more in the app store.  You know me the frugal girl.  I don’t purchase much.  Therefore, it will take me a bit longer to level up as I play until my currency is gone and then put the game away to let the currency build back up.  In this way I play often but, for only small amounts of time. 

I downloaded this game on Friday and am only a level 6.  Darn that frugalness.  My only other issue is in picking a guild.  How do I know which one I want?  Guilds help with boss fights and giving valor and hero tokens.  You also receive a favor from the guild that lasts as long as you are in the guild.  These favors grant passive bonuses to your character.

I am liking this game both for the play style and the ease of use.

Do you have a favorite IPad game?  Do you play Book of Heroes?


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