Christmas Gifts

Now that the holidays are over and the gifts have been distributed I can discuss all those lovely gifts I made.

005This is vanilla.  I used a gallon of vodka and bought some vanilla beans from Amazon.  You need about 6 months and a cool dark location.  cut the beans lengthwise and place in the vodka.  Store in that cool, dark area and about once a week shake it.  Viola vanilla.  That stuff is so expensive in the stores  even for the imitation, this makes a gallon.  I have distributed about 12 2 oz. bottles of it and still have about 1/2 gallon left.  Amazingly easy just need the time.

These are hard lotion made into individual packages.  Aren’t they cute?  So, I found my recipe from Made-On.  At first I received a DIY kit that spelled out all the steps.  I love this for those cracked heels, or cracked cuticles.  I followed the same recipe only included some peppermint for the smell.

Lip Balm.   We all use it, right?  I hate giving my money away, remember frugal girl here.  So this lets me enjoy my obsession of Lip balm and save money.  This version also came from the same company as the hard lotion, Made-On.  I used coco butter and peppermint to make chocolate peppermint lip balm. 

There you go.  My Christmas gifts made by me. 

What do you think?  Did you make gifts this year?


One thought on “Christmas Gifts

  1. Cathy says:

    I was on the receiving end of these Christmas gifts. They were AWESOME!!! The vanilla came in handy for Christmas baking, the chap stick was yummy enough to eat. The hard lotion was great for your heels, hands or hair. Thank you Healthy Girl Gamer…you were almost better than Santa.

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