Sharks and Dolphins

This is vacation recap 2.

The night of the granite warehouse excursion the hubs and I went out to dinner in Newport Pier,

We rode the bikes, which created wet butts due to rain that morning, I am sure that looked good.  We found this great little bar/restaurant called Baja Sharkeez.  I highly recommend it, great food, good beer and if you were us a night time bike ride on the beach.


sharkeez1The hubs meal, teriyaki burger.  Very good.  The combo of the teriyaki sauce and the beef was incredible.

sharkeez2My burger.  Jalapeno guacamole burger.  It was so good I took half home and had it for breakfast the next day. Chunks of avocado and deep-fried Jalapenos.

If you are ever in the beach towns they serve I highly recommend visiting for some excellent food.

The only bad part was the ride back to the beach house,  headwind all the way, it felt like we were standing still most of the time.

Now on to the dolphins.

On Friday the in-laws left to visit friends in San Diego, we were left to our own devices and I wanted to watch the whales, those in the ocean people.

Our tour company was Newport Landing Whale Watching, great experience, the crew seemed very knowledgeable and the ship was clean and well cared for.

We went out for a 2.5 hour tour.  I get extreme motion sickness so I had to go prepared.  I took 2 Dramamine and hour before, I was wearing the sea bands for motion sickness and I also had ginger gum I chewed.  I was making sure I did not get sick,  I did not  Woot for me.

We started just getting out of the harbor, naturally right?  We found an area with lots of dolphins.  I love dolphins.  The are so fun and beautiful.

dolphins I did take a few pics but, wanted to enjoy the experience more than I wanted to take pics.  They played in the wake of the boat, so cool.  The hubs said I sounded like a little girl  all squeally.  Whatever, I was happy.

Next we went out to visit some sea lions.

sea lions

They hang out on the buoys.  Sunning themselves and the older ones keep the younger ones away from the warmth and in the water.

Next it was out to find some whales, the name of the tour right?

Unfortunately no whales seen  by us.  The Captain said due to the high winds of the last 2 days, remember that headwind on the bikes, that it pushes the whales farther out to sea.  Oh well, it was a great time had by us and I did not lose my breakfast.

The next day was the drive home and a return to the cold and snow of Colorado.

Again I just wanted to thank my in-laws for such a wonderful time.

Did you have a wonderful Christmas?  Take a vacation anywhere?


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