Vacation Recap

Our vacation started with a 13 hour drive on Saturday.  We listened to podcasts, I love you Adam Carolla.  Also a  book from podomaticScott Sigler writes some incredible material.  We listened to Infected.  OMG it kept us entertained for about 7 hours that day yet we still did not finish.

On Sunday we walked on the beach, rode beach cruiser bikes that came with the beach house. Due to the salt water some of them were rusted and rough looking but, we had fun on them anyway.


    We were one block off the beach.  Talk about a great area.  Get up in the morning and walk to the beach, what a hard life huh?  The streets were the pain, all one way, you had to figure out which way it was rather confusing for the first few days.

beach 1


Newport has a Christmas boat parade every year. It runs for about 5 days.  We were lucky enough to get to see it on the last day, however; none of us read the map very well.  The parade started at 6 pm and run until 9 pm.  So we pedal ourselves down to the parade route and wind up at the end wondering when is it going to start?  On the map every location had a time on it, duh.  We waited a bit then decided to get dinner and then return. 


It was fun to see all the boats decked out in their lights and music.

Monday we spent at Disneyland.  Christmas we spent with family. 

On Wednesday we went to the granite warehouse and toured all the gorgeous colors.  The hubs and I also had to get new tires for the car.  We knew we should have before the trip but, ran out of time to do all those things.

Thursday was beach day.  The boys played in the water with wetsuits obtained from Salvation Army the day before,  yes my frugal side came out.  Luckily they were only $9 apiece.  Score for us.

beach 2

This was also migraine day.  The two men with us both had migraines.  The BiL started the day with one and the hubs got one after playing in the ocean. 

I will stop for now and finish another day.  Don’t you just love looking at the water?


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