Shopping on Etsy

This week one of my favorite bloggers Crunchy Betty had a special on her Etsy store. Crunchy Betty has been an important part of my journey this year to a healthier and less processed and chemical free life.  She gives great information and recipes for ways to improve your life without all those chemicals.

She has had a store for a bit but, as you all know I am a cheap frugal girl.  I know I should support my favorite bloggers but, that frugal comes out in me before I hit purchase.

Well this week I did support Crunchy Betty.  As I mentioned she had a sampler special on her etsy store.  I expected lots of amazing stuff and I was not disappointed.

crunchy betty collage 1

This is how it arrived, in a beautiful brown decorated bag, all the items inside were wrapped in paper and sealed with the Crunchy Betty sticker.  I was very impressed with all the little details they thought of.

crunchy betty 2

These are face washing grains.  They sent different one to try out.  Beautiful packaging and love the names.

crunchy betty 3

The on the store there was an option for either dry or oily face oil.  I chose the dry because this year I have been dry and flaky. 

The speckle and smush is a lip balm made with vanilla beans.  It is wonderful!  makes my lips feel smooth.

I am very happy with my purchase.  I will try to be better in the future and support this blogger.

Do you support your favorite bloggers?  Have you shopped at Etsy?  How was it?


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