Box of Food

Is it Thursday already, where did the week go? 

Oh yea  after work I would come home and sleep because the hubs gave me the crud.  Darn that man.

I did have some bright spots in my week though.  On Tuesday the mailman delivered my first love with food box.

You might remember my review of the Bulu box here.  I am still a little skeptical about these monthly boxes, however;  Love with Food has given me hope.

love with foodLook at all those goodies.   Great packaging as well.  I received an email from the company telling me how the package was shipped and approximate arrival date.  Great customer service.

The idea behind this company is you get samples and then can buy full sizes at a discount. 

wafer  I will not buy this item, I will not buy this item.   If I repeat it often enough then it will happen, correct?

My favorite food group is peanut butter.   Yes in my house that is a food group.

009 This is amazing, non-gmo and only 100 calories per pack.  Great taste and healthy, what more could you ask for?   I know    More!

I will try Love with Food next month as well and see how it goes, for now I am skeptically interested.

Do you participate in a monthly box program?  How does it work for you?


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