Gaming Main Changing

Wow, were did the week go?

I woke up Monday morning went to work and then suddenly it was Friday night.  I must have been AFK, away from keyboard, or more like AFB away from blog.

It was a crazy week and now the hubs has the flu.  Poor man is snoring and coughing all night. This means neither of us is sleeping.

In other gaming news, I have changed my main.  I have not done this in 4 years.  The hubs says it is because I am a creature of habit.  Is there a note of derision in his voice as he says this?  Yes there is.

My druid Turmoil is no longer my main character.  Kanji the monk now has that distinction. 

I leveled her from 0-90 in about 3 weeks.  It was a crazy push but, I needed a change and I think she is that change.


Here is proof of my gaming life, see the list on the side?  Those are all my toons on this realm.

Yes there are 11.  That is the max allowed on one account.

Some of them are name holders in case I get crazy and want to level another toon, not very likely.  Or holding the names in case I want to pay to get another toons name changed, again not very likely.


I have already taken her into a couple of guild raids and had fun while healing.  This is something that has not happened in a looong time.


How about you, any game changers to keep it interesting?  In the gaming world or in the real one?


2 thoughts on “Gaming Main Changing

  1. reiytwow says:

    Got to have a change from time to time! I just changed to NA realms from EU, makes it quite a lot more interesting for now!

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