My countertops are done!   Yea!

The hubs and the son worked on them for an entire weekend.  They look beautiful.

COUNTERTOPS 1The beginning, ripping out the old and bringing the new home. 

I helped, sorta, I ran errands and got lunch.  Those are important jobs.

COUNTERTOPSI love the colors.  The sink is  one big tub and has a rack at the bottom, smartest invention ever.  The faucet is tall and allows the beer making equipment under it.  That was a requirement.

003We put a butcher block next to the stove to allow me to cut foodstuff and not dull all my knifes.

006This is the most beautiful spot of granite.  Look at all those webbings of black in the light areas.  This is right by the sink.

I am amazed by the patterns and color variation in granite.

A big THANKS goes out to the BIL, SIL and son for making this happen.  I can’t thank you enough for how much better my kitchen looks.


After all his hard work the hubs deserves some leisure time.



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