Helping Others

This post was going to be about the deviled eggs I made for the first time and other Thanksgiving day treats, however; right before we left the house for the nephew’s house, I dropped my phone in the toilet, Sad smile Sad panda. No pictures of food this year.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

I did get an IPhone 5,happy panda, so enjoy the new pics.

In the spirit of the holidays and helping those less fortunate, our radiology department chose a dinner to feed the homeless at Homeward Bound.

This was our Radiologists idea, amazing how none of them showed up.  Oh well, the crew got together and made some chili, salad, hotdogs-for the kids, yea right.  I wanted some Fritos, you know Frito boats? instead we got chips.

013Stacking the plates for the residents.

012 hubs avoiding the camera.

011The  girls flashing our “jazz hands.”

The hubs and I participated in the prep stage, he actually cut up all the onions for the chili.

We left before serving time because the next half of the crew showed up. 

Even without the doctors we had a great time. 

Hope the food was a enough we were to feed roughly 120 – 200 people.

Have you done something good for others this season?


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