Raid bosses

My raid team PBR-Pabst Blue Raiding-yes like the beer, has been raiding for about 2 weeks. 

We have taken down the first 2 bosses in Mogu’shan Vaults.


The stone guard are the first set of bosses in the current expansion of raiding.


Feng the Accursed is the second boss. 

Both of these have been defeated by team PBR after many, many wipes.

I have been running on my main Turmoil, unfortunately I am no longer happy with her.  I am going to try to change my main to my Panda Monk Kanji, thanks to the hubs for the name.   She is currently only a level 67, this means she still has to get to level 90 and geared for raiding before I can change my main. 

I will be working hard over the next two weeks to achieve this goal.

Are you raiding this expansion?  How is it going?


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