Cold and Flu season

This week I have been sick. 

Darn this time of year. 

I did receive my flu shot, thanks to my employer. 

The state health department is mandating all healthcare workers receive flu shots in the next three years.  This year it was to be a 60% compliance.  I love my job and my employer, I will take  a flu shot to keep my job and help control the spread of viruses, I do not have to believe in them to keep my job.

I have recently found a great website Heal Thyself.  I recommend a visit.

This website has become my go to for all kinds of information on healing myself without antibiotics.

One of the items they recommend taking during the cold and flu season is Master Tonic.  This takes 2 weeks to make then can be consumed to help ward off infections.  Sure, my master tonic solution was in the second week of fermenting when I got sick. 

Oh well, it will be ready this Saturday and I can make more to help this winter.

For now I am off to whine more about losing my voice and having nasal drip, pleasant image huh?

How do you handle cold and flu season?


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