Battle Pets

This post will be about World of Warcraft or as it is more commonly called WOW.  So, those of you who like my other posts come back Tuesday all the rest please keep reading.

WOW has created a vast amount of things to do after you hit the level cap, this is very good because the last expansion really did not have very much to do. 

Dailies, dailies and even more dailies.  You can do dailies until you are sick and tired of dailies.  On average they take me about 2 hours to complete then my evening playing WOW is done.  I have been trying to only do them every other day so I don’t became too tired of them.

One of the other things to do is pet battles. These are similar to Pokémon.  You get three companion pets to battle other battle pets in the greater world and if your pets live they level up. 


This is the beginning of a battle. 


The end.  We won!

There are many types of pets that you can purchase from WOW’s parent company Blizzard, or you can just battle other pets and capture them when their health is low enough.  If you want to only capture high quality pets then you will need an add-on to help you with this.

Pets come in the same quality as gear, gray, green, blue, I have not seen a purple don’t know if they exist.  Battle pet – quality notifier from is the best add-on I have found to help with the quality of pets you want to tame.

There are other add-ons to help with your pet battle experience.  This one helps to sort your pets by level, pet type and rarity. 

Pet battle – teams will be a great add-on when completed.  It is currently in alpha and full of bugs. 

Hope these add-ons enhance your extra game experience.

Do you use other add-ons for pet battles?  Or other add-ons for WOW in general?


2 thoughts on “Battle Pets

  1. I just discovered battle pets on WoW. They are absolutely addicting to run around battling with. Although, I have been experiencing difficulties with finding decent ones to use. Thank you for the suggestion of the add-on for finding good battle pets. 🙂 I will have to check them out. I have curiosities about what you play on there. Do you prefer Horde or Alliance? And with MoP, what class did you make your Pandarian? Sorry to be nosy. I am just very very curious. 🙂

    • I play horde, a resto druid on the farstriders server. I did start my panda monk, of course. Leveling is kicking my butt. I had 5 level 85’s so, leveling another toon is driving me nuts. The heirloom gear does help with the leveling.

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