Last year I participated in a 12 week program called “Fitmas”  fit by Christmas.  It was designed by Donloree.  It was great fun every week we received different exercises to do.  Yoga, crossfit, sprints –from hell, great variety and I learned some exercises I loved.  Kettlebells are my new favorite exercise partner.

This year Fitmas is on again.  This is was the third week of Fitmas and involved plyometrics.

They kicked my butt arse literally my behind hurt for 2 days. 

My workout consisted of

    • jumping jacks
    • renegade rows with dumbbells
    • skater lunges
    • mountain climbers
    • line jumps

for 20 mins the idea was to do one exercise a minute, at the end of all exercises start again.

I must say that the best way to time yourself for this is with a gymboss* this is an interval timer that allows you to create all kinds of timers.

As we know I am a cheap frugal b*%ch so, I got my gymboss interval timer as an app on my iPhone.  Here is the link to iTunes if you need it.  I have not seen  an android app.

I do believe in paying for peoples hardwork.  Sometimes my frugal natural wins out sorry gymboss makers.  I should put it on my Christmas list, what do you think?

I just want to say a  BIG Thank You to Donloree for taking the time to do Fitmas again this year.

Do you have an exercise program just for the holidays?


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