First Impressions

World of Warcraft, Mists of Pandaria is the newest expansion in the franchise.

So far I have been having a blast.

There is great storyline, beautiful graphics, engaging boss fights.   Getting to max level, which is level 90, took us about a week and 2 days.  The hubs and I were not in a rush to reach max level, we were going to level together and enjoy the process.  Then mid way through  about level 88 the hubs decided he was not happy with his toon choice and changed to his warlock  our leveling together ended at this point.  My options were to sit and wait for him or level by myself, well of course I did not wait for him the slacker.

Now that we have reached level 90 we have to get gear to raid.  We start raiding again the end of October.  I am looking forward to it because some of my old friends that left during the last expansion have returned.

Welcome back Nyquist the rogue and Pugnus the death knight.


Doesn’t it look like fun to travel by kite?   This is how you get from place to place in the land of Pandaria.


This mount is called a Cloud Serpent, good name blizzard, you have to grow them from eggs to full grown cloud serpents.  Yes I am working on mine, he is still fairly little.

Do you have a hobby?  How is it progressing?


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