Guild Wars 2

I did a pre-purchase of Guild Wars 2 which enabled me to get a “headstart” on leveling my toons.



This is my elementist./mage, she shoots fire and kills stuff.



This is my Ranger/hunter that gets to collect pets, imagine that, me collecting pets.

Guild Wars has been a fun game to play.  It is an mmo that provides a personal story line.  Star Wars was mostly story line dependent with heavy voice acting, this made grouping and speaking over mumble very difficult.  If people were talking on mumble you were unable to hear your characters personal story.

Each character has a separate story line.  The beginning of your story is chosen during character selection.  Your story will change slightly with choices you make in the game.

Guild Wars 2  has taken parts of World of Warcraft, Star Wars The Old Republic and Rift and combined the best parts of each. Also added are Rift type area events these allow you to play with others without grouping.

GW2 takes place in Tyria.  There are 5 playable races, with a possible 8 professions.  Professions is what GW2 calls classes.  The dungeons are not available for play until after level 30.  The hubs and I hit 30 on Sunday, we are hoping to get into a dungeon this week. 

Player vs. Player (pvp) is fun.  There are 2 different versions, one is world vs. world vs. world, the second is just small maps with 10 – 15 players to side.  The world v world v world is a continuous battle that just keeps going.  The worlds are servers that the characters play on. Regardless of your characters personal level when you enter pvp you are automatically leveled to that max level which is 80.  This makes the playing field even.

The hubs and I have been able to reconnect with friends that left WoW, that is a bonus, I have really missed those guys. 

The graphics are incredible.  I am always amazed at what the art departments can do.  I am not sure how big Guild Wars art department is but, judging by the amazing art work it is just the right size. 

Kudos to Guild Wars 2 for a fun game with incredible artwork. 


Have you started a new hobby, or picked up an old one?  How has it gone?


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