Homebrewing at the end

Yesterday was the beginning of the final 2 weeks before we can taste test the beer. The beer the hubs started with required 2 different fermentation stages then 2 weeks in the bottles before we can drink.

Yesterday morning involved us cleaning, sanitizing, and bottling. 


                                beer 2

                                  beer 3

                                    beer 5

The kit was to make approximately 48 bottles of beer, we ended with 47.    For our first endeavor it was great fun.

We had a production line going between the hubs filling the bottles, I would cap, and then hand him another empty. 

We had to acquire all those bottles.  Some came from friends and family and most were drank by the hubs himself.  He was a real trooper trying to get all those empties for the bottling process.

How did you spend your Labor Day?


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