Birthday Parties

Today my son turns 24.

Where have the years gone?

  The  hubs and I still like to hang out with him and his friends.   The funny part is they appear to enjoy our company as well We had a small get together here last night.  Burgers, brats and beer. What else could you want right?


                                         bpBeer pong!  It became very windy outside so……..for the first time the boys were allowed to move inside and they played beer pong in the house.  They all were slightly freaked by that.  The one thing they did not do while growing up was play beer pong in the house.  Yea like they never thought of it.


                                            bd 1

Sometimes you just have to break the rules especially for those you love. 

Love you brat hope your day is wonderful!

We also had a furry houseguest this weekend.


The little one is mine.  The giant one is an amazing dog.  She is very laid back and quiet.  I believe after this weekend if I would ever get a big dog it might just have to be one just like Shasta.  She can come visit anytime.

Have you ever done something wacky for those you love?


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