I am in serious need of a fantasy fix. 

I am missing my WoW.  To help get a fantasy fix,  I am reading a fascinating series by Terry Brooks The Heritage of Shannara


If you like fantasy I highly recommend this series.  This is four books in one, the complete series.  This is good because it is hard to put down let alone wait for the next one in the series to arrive.

I am also playing DC Universe online.  In this game you can be a hero or a villain.  Of course I am a villain.  Who wants to be the good guy?  This is a free to play game, total bonus in my world. 


I love the action and the normal DC characters talking to me.  I am learning more about which characters are in DC vs. Marvel.  I know not knowing this is slacker nerd huh?

I am anxiously awaiting Saturday when I can finally play Guild Wars 2.  I do not like to give my money to game companies ahead of time, they just use it to get interest why not let me keep it and get the interest myself? Oh because they are slightly greedy and want my money.   I did, however; pay about 10 days earlier for early game access.  With early game access we, both the hubs and myself, get to start playing on Saturday.  WOOT!   very excited for a new game.

Do you have any good fantasy book recommendations?  How about a free to play game/


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