Busy Bees

This week has been busy mostly while we are at home.  The hubs is making beer.  The first batch EVER got to go to the second fermentation stage. 

                                             home projects 001We purchased our supplies from Northern Brewer, they did not pay for the advertising.  The supplies must be sanitized prior to use.  The water should be put in first then the sanitizer.  This the hubs did not do.  So, overflowing sani suds abounded in the kitchen.

                                                 home projects 004

During his beer endeavor, I was making lotion.

                                                  home projects 003

It was a busy night at our house. 

Everything was accomplished.

Now to get to work on the fruits of our labor from the garden. 

Do you make anything?  Is is a big production?


2 thoughts on “Busy Bees

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very Cool…should I line you up a spot on “SHARK TANK”!
    I used to make beer and it was so much fun. Besides messes, I don’t make a whole lot this days, but I have tried your lotion and it is WONDERFUL! 🙂

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