Social Games

I have played World of Warcraft or WoW for  ummm…… let me look…………. according to their records my free month was in July of 2007.  So, for about 5 years now I have actively played WoW most days of the week.  I have interacted with my friends and guild mates.  We had drunk runs, and drunk fights, raids where we took down bosses and raids where the bosses killed us.  My alter ego was developed there


this is Turmoil.  She is a tauren druid.  She is a healer, or in layman’s terms she takes care of others.  Wait, is that really an alter ego???

She has been my main toon for about 3.5 of those 5 years.  I have not played much this summer.  I miss not only all my friends but, also my turmoil.  She has been like an extension of me.

My husband and my son(s) also play or have played.  We raided as a family, which some days were fun and some were a trial ( love you boys!)

The next expansion for WoW is coming out on September 25.  Mists of Pandaria will hopefully bring myself and my friends back together.

Until then I am off to find another game to occupy my time.  The husband says it is not the garden.

Have you ever played a game for 5 years?  Did you leave, and do you miss it?


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