Fun Filled Saturday

This Saturday involved lost of small projects.  I made  gel air fresheners using cinnamon for the scent. 

I also made homemade Vicks shower disks.  I have had serious sinus issues for about 4 weeks and nothing is truly working so I am looking forward to this in my hot shower.

I was also attempting sourdough bread

PicMonkey Collage

The first two turned out wonderful.  the air freshener makes the house smell slightly of cinnamon.  I will try the shower disk tomorrow, looking forward to that.  The sourdough bread however…….

008 never doubled in size.  I think my starter had some issues.  I will baby my starter this week and try again next weekend.  It is a 24 hour process and I don’t have that available until next weekend.

The hubs and I also went to pick peaches with the SIL and BIL and kids at Delicious Orchards.

The hubs and I had lunch at the afternoon BBQ

lunch My hamburger, yummy!!

clunch The hubs pulled pork sandwich.

The food was delicious. 

The peaches are very juicy and waiting to go on the grill today.

How was your Saturday?  Was it productive?


2 thoughts on “Fun Filled Saturday

  1. Catherine McCloskey says:

    Wow! Sounds like you had a very productive AND fun weekend! Thanks for the posts! Right now that burger looks really yummy. How did the peaches on the grill turn out?

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