In my quest to be healthier I decided to try my hand at canning.  It has intimidated  me to no end.  I could kill people if it is not done correctly.  That fact has made me very leery about canning.  The end process is wonderful fresh, wholesome foods year round. 

Yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and make apricot jam.  Ball is a great canning site.  Good information, mostly step by step instructions.

I found the recipe to follow(or thought I did).  Gathered all my equipment, washed my jars and lids, put the jars in the water bath to stay warm and started chopping apricots.  After I added them to the pan and was waiting for them to get to the add sugar point they looked kind of puny for the size of jars I had.  I went back the recipe that was on my IPad, for quick perusal, and guess what? I had pint jars and the recipe called for half-pints.

The hubs got a great chuckle out of my error. 

I did make apricot jam yesterday, however; this is what I got for the final product.

                                  canning 001

I know that whole process to can one jar, I can be such a dork, however; I have sort of conquered  my fear of canning.  The next will be easier.

Do you have any canning tips to make it easier?  Does it just get easier over time?


4 thoughts on “Canning

  1. It does get easier, and there are dozens of resources out there to make it work. And what does the size of the jar matter if the jam tastes good.

    Hint: if a jam doesn’t set, and some of them don’t, call it a syrup and serve over plain yogurt or vanilla ice cream.

  2. I’m about to try to can for the first time too. I’ll have to remember to check the size jar my recipe calls for. Despite the mix up, that jam looks really good. Have you tasted it yet?

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