Yesterday was my 44th birthday.  It was a wonderful day.  I forgot to take pictures, again.

We hit a First Saturday Market in our town, it was mostly for kids.  Face painting, pet the horse.  Then we went to the First Saturday Market in the next town.  It was bigger and had more fruits and veggies, however; I had participated in Bountiful Baskets this am and did not need any more cherries or tomatoes.

The hubs and son took me to Paghre’s Pizza for lunch.  It was delicious, yummy!  after lunch I got Cold stone.  I never indulge in ice cream but, for my birthday I decided to splurge on the mint, mint, chocolate chocolaty ice cream.  I should have taken a picture.  It was very good.  I was glad I only got the small, otherwise it would have been too much.

After we got home we watched             21-jump-street-posterau it was meh.  Some very funny parts at the end but, overall the movie was not worth my $3.99.

Our dinner steak has been changed to a lunch steak because I was too full last night to want to eat anything else.

Thank you hubs for such a great day.  You always make me feel special.

Here is the only picture I did take yesterday

001 I know I need to take more pictures.  I will work on it.


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