I have to admit to being a cheap b*&ch. 

I have been using a mop and bucket to clean my floors.   I have co-workers that use the Shark but, I figured that my mop was good enough.   Ok so, some of my floors have been getting dirty to the point I can’t get them clean.  I figured it was just because the house was built in the 1970’s and the linoleum was that old right?

003Sorry for the blur.  I was just trying to get the yuck of the floor.

Today I bought a Shark.  I figured if it did not work I could return it, right?

004After this picture I decided to keep it.  I love how much cleaner all my floors are.  Can you believe the difference?

I have to say I am a total Shark convert.  I love the result and how easy it is to use.  I am a techy kind of girl yet, thought my mop was fine.  What a dork I am. 

I wish my Shark had a longer cord, and a taller handle but, overall I love it.  Thank you to the Shark inventor. 


Have you ever had the epiphany of new technology vs. old ways?


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