Summer Garden


This is a picture of my squash plant and my first zucchini.   I ate it on salads all week .  It was very yummy and me first vegetable that I grew.  My squash plant has since been taken over by squash bugs.squash-bugjpg-242x300These are the bain of my squash plant.  They suck the juice out of the leaves and fruit leaving you with nothing.  I am going to win this battle

With our temps at or near 100 and, the wind making it dry the pool has been a lifesaver this week.  We have a swamp cooler but, it is heavenly to just get in the cool pool and soak.

What are you doing to cool off?


One thought on “Summer Garden

  1. Valarie says:

    Good luck with the squash bug battle. We have them too. Did you plant the calendula with the squash? They seem to help deter. Other than that you just have to “squash” them.

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