Sore Pits

I must fess up, in May I made 2 extra items that I was not going to make until June.  Well we ran out of toothpaste so I made some and to my delight the hubs liked it.  A little baking soda, coconut oil and cinnamon oil.  That was all.

My second homemade item was deodorant.  Now you would think being a mammo tech I would know better than believing all the lies about antiperspirant.  Well, I thought that if I was going to try to live without a lot of chemicals then I should also try to live without antiperspirant.   I have to admit I was wrong. 

First I tried to make deodorant, baking soda, corn starch and coconut oil (see a pattern here?)  and some essential oils.  The first batch was fine the first day the second day it burned so bad I wanted to scream!  I read more about it online and threw that batch away and tried again with less baking soda, apparently it can cause a rash and/or irritation.  Second batch has followed the first.  My poor pits were so abused by the third day of that batch that I was fed up.  I bought some Tom’s of Maine deodorant.  It is apricot scented.  I do not really think that my sweaty pits are what they thought of when it was designed. 

Oh well, some days you win like with the toothpaste and some days you lose.  So for now it is by by deodorant.

Have you tried anything that did not work after multiple tries?


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