Yesterday the hubs and I participated in my company’s 5k, it is called The Magnet 5k.  In honor of the Magnet status we wish to obtain for the hospital.  The run raises money to send Magnet members to the annual conference. 

Since I started to blog I realize I need to take more pictures.  I did attempt to take some for the run, however;        magnet 5k 006magnet 5k 005

                           magnet 5k 007 (Chief’s head).

these were the only pictures that turned out all the others were video, darn that button on my iPhone. 

The run was nice, it runs through a park then across the river and back.  We took Chief and Little man.  Poor little dog he has little legs so I am sure a 5k feels like a 10k to him.

We did not stay for the awards and prizes. I never do after the run I am ready to go do something else.

We ran a few errands in the big city then came home.  I planted some more in the garden.  I actually have tiny zucchini growing, Yea!  The rest of the day was spent just hanging out.

Any ideas on taking more pictures? 


One thought on “5k

  1. Anonymous says:

    As you write your next blog be thinking about it as the week goes on. Take pictures o what you cook, your garden as it progresses and your video games as you beat them ( or whatever you do in them)

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