Foodie Pen Pals


I joined this great project run by Lindsay.  You get to send and receive some great food.  I got to send to Shannon, a blog reader. I received my package from Katie.  It was great to participate for the first time.   I was a little unsure what to send, I am hoping it all arrived in good condition.

                                                       008 Katie went all out for me. 






The chocolate covered almonds were one of the first enjoyments.  The Larabar was my snack for the next day.  The kale chips are just delicious.  Love, love, love the chia seeds, they came with a recipe for breakfast, mixing them with the coconut water is very yummy!  The Max Rev bar was just what my sugar-craving mood needed.  All my items were vegan and gluten-free.   The card included a picture of Katie.  Katie took extra time and care with my package.  The napkin was such a great little touch.

I had a day off during the week-very unusual for me- and had the Izze with my lunch.  That was the best part of my lunch.   Thank you so much Katie.  I enjoyed it all. 

I can hardly wait for next month. 

Thank  you Lindsay for such a great activity.


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