Life with Endometriosis

In one of my earlier posts here I mentioned another surgery.  I figured it was time to talk about it.  In 1997 I had  pap smear results that turned out to be severe dysplasia.  The road to that answer was long and ended with a  D & C.  After that surgery where they removed over a third of my cervix I became one of the lucky women-that is sarcasm-that developed endometriosis.  

We have tried everything to make my pain manageable over the years.  Birth control pills, more birth control pills, doing nothing because the birth control pills make me a super crazy female, pain pills.  I finally found a doctor that did not immediately put me on “the pill”, we had to perform surgery to prove the cause of the pain.

Graphic picture included**endometriosis

The black areas are what endometriosis looks like.  After the first surgery my doctor tried Lupron shots, hot flashes and night sweats but, no relief from the pain. 

The next surgery was a partial hysterectomy, they left my ovaries.  Fast forward to 3 years later and I am again getting Lupron shots.  They did not work again. So then there is another surgery to clean out the endometriosis.  I had scar tissue from my left wall of my abdomen to my bladder.  The joys of being a woman.  There is nothing to be done for the endometriosis.  It will come back, and I will probably need yet another surgery.

During this last three years I put on some weight, then about a year ago I lost about 50 pounds.  I felt great! Then the pain came back and I put on about 10. 

I want to see if losing more body fat will help keep the endometriosis at bay.  My goal in the next  months is to lose one dress size and at least 2 inches. 

I don’t like to weigh myself so those will be my markers.  

I currently wear a size 8 and measurements are:   waist 30, chest 36, bicep 12, thigh 20 1/4.

Have you ever had a health problem that was chronic?  How do you deal with it?


3 thoughts on “Life with Endometriosis

  1. I have a chronic health problem. My body tends to reject all food and beverages. It is something that is not constant, and my specialists cannot figure out what it is that is causing this. It is something that comes on in acute attacks. It causes extraordinary amounts of pain throughout my torso. I

  2. My laptop decided to mess up on me. Sorry.
    I have to adapt to a diet of baby food and the pediatric electrolyte beverages when an attack occurs. One thing, outside of the pain medications the doctors push on me, that helps with the pain is hot baths with lots of Epsom Salt. The magnesium content in the salt can also be absorbed through the pores which helps with muscle pain.

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