Projects for May

Welcome to the wonderful month of May.  This is a great month.  Flowers blooming, grass growing, bees buzzing, allergies overrun the nose, oh wait that is not so great but, it is a side-effect of spring.  The world turns bright and colorful after the hibernation of winter.

May brings us Mother’s Day, yea for mothers everywhere.  It is also my anniversary.  That poor guy has been married to me for 16 years, such a long time.

With it being a new month I have new projects.

  • sourdough starter
  • lip balm
  • hard  lotion

I began my sourdough starter last night, for the second time, hopefully this one I will follow the directions.  Very excited to see how it turns out.

I bought  I am excited to begin making my own lip balm.  I want to stop using petroleum products on my face, beeswax sounds so much healthier.

Do you make any products?  Do you have any big plans for May?


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