I found my Motivation

On Sunday I made Coconut Shampoo, it gets easier every time.  I also made body wash.  This time the house did not smell of soap for 3 days and I did not try to kill the hubby and myself with a little overcooking of the soap.

I was a sneezing mess on Monday, could not stop, good thing I can drive and sneeze.

Today, my work day was a little shorter so I stopped at ACE Hardware and picked up some plants.  I need supervision when picking out plants.  I bought not one 4 pack of big berthas, but 2, I did not stop there and bought a single as well.  I know I wanted peppers but, 9 big berthas?  Serious Cheri? 

I got home and did some exercise, which felt wonderful.  I then got all the plants and attacked the garden.

                                              garden 002

After my planting episode and my discovery of all those big berthas, I attacked the back yard and started to rake up tree limbs.  During my exercise I worked my arms, so raking was a little difficult. I figure a little each day after work and by the weekend it should be ready to be bagged and then mowed.

For the month of April I was going to make 3 things as I mentioned  here, I was a failure in my endeavor   The only item I accomplished was the Coconut Shampoo.  I had some issues getting beeswax so, the other items will be for another month.

                   How was your April?  Did you accomplish all you wanted to?


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