Easter Weekend

This was a great weekend.  I accomplished a lot with the help of the hubby.  We actually got some of the seeds planted in our little or not so little garden.

Saturday I exercised then proceeded to make Coconut milk from Crunchy Betties instructions.  I then proceeded to make Jillee’s coconut shampoo.  It was a fun experiment and so far a success for my hair.

The rest of the day was spent playing the Mists of Panderia Beta. It was a fun experience.  Beta testing is not really my idea of a good game, however; every so often it is kinda fun.

 easter-bunny-11Sunday was for the Easter bunny.  The son showed up to spend the day, love when that happens.  Then the other son, his wife and the granddaughter showed up to spend time with us.   After Zoe found some eggs in the park across the street, she decided to play in the backyard.


This is Zoe dumping the candy  out of the eggs and putting in dirt, she has her priorities correct.  Every little girl needs to play with dirt.

Hope your Easter was fun and enjoyable.


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