Ideas for April

I am looking forward to April and all the new stuff coming my way.

After my post on moderation I decided to limit those items that I make.  This month there will be three added to those I already started last month.

This month I am looking forward to making

  • coconut shampoo
  • body butter
  • petroleum jelly that is not petroleum based

I am also looking forward to Mists of Pandaria beta.  I received my invitation today, Yea!

Guild Wars 2 is available for Pre-order after April 10th, with the pre-order I will get an invite to the Guild Wars 2 beta weekends.  More games to explore and spend time on.

In April I will also start planting my garden and, the hubby and I will start running some 5k’s (even he has decided to get healthier). 

Our first 5k will be a local one, no driving required which is a big bonus to me.


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