Video Games

So, this last weekend I tried to branch out of my mmorpg gaming mode.  I tried to play Mass Effect 3.  I found the storyline great.  The gameplay was engaging.

I have notice that while playing some video games my motion sickness comes into play.  After about 1 –2 hours of gameplay I was green.  I was so sick but, could not find a save point so had to keep going.  It was funny that I was almost throwing up, yet could not stop playing this game.



I am sure that while watching me try to play on the XBOX 360 the husband got a good laugh.  I am a pc gamer, therefore; the controller on the XBOX had me baffled.  I am trying to move my head to move my character.  I am not sure what buttons do what.  The rotating head and lack of button control probably did not help the nausea.

In other gaming news my raid team SST, in Cult of the Zombie Pope on the Farstriders US server, took down our very  first heroic boss.  Grats to all of us on our hard work.  This guy is dead.



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