A few weeks ago while recuperating from yet another surgery, more on that later, I was surfing the internet and found Pinterest.  Great website with amazing content.  During this epic surfing I found One Good Thing by Jillee and Crunchy Betty.  They are two of the best sites on eliminating chemicals in your life.  In the past two weeks I have made

laundry soap

body butter

armpit stain remover

miracle cleaner – or as my husband calls it the stuff people used before chemicals

vinegar for clothes rinse cycle

apple cider vinegar for hair rinse

body wash – this however was a flop

Oil Cleansing Method

I was also on my way to making shampoo.  I found this post from Crunchy Betty and realized I need to learn moderation.  I will try to abstain from making new  stuff for 2 weeks, then maybe see if all the ones I have made continue to pop-up in my daily life. 

You my little blog will hold me to this attempt.  That is your purpose, to keep me accountable.


5 thoughts on “Moderation

    • So far I use the body lotion daily, love it! Laundry soap all the time. Body wash daily, the husband uses it as well. So far the only item I do not like is the apple cider rinse for my hair, I can comb through it but it is still staticy, and very dry.

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