Obvious solutions

In honor of the healthy part of my life I have been doing some research about living healthier.  I have found posts about all kinds of things from cutting coupons to save money (healthier wallet), to making my own shampoo (healthier scalp)

A post from http://onegoodthingbyjillee.com got me thinking about making my own shampoo.  Her recipe calls for coconut milk.  I searched the net looking for coconut milk, wow it is kind of pricey.  While at the grocery store, with my husband this weekend, I mentioned I was looking for some coconut milk but would like to find some cheaper that that found on the net.  He proceeds to visit the produce section, places his hand on a coconut and says “hmmm, no idea where you can find cheap coconut milk.”  

Just got to love my husband as he points out the obvious to me.


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